The TWP® Story

Total Wood Protectant (TWP)®, the name says it all! In the early 1980’s Bill Reckel, then founder and President/CEO of Amteco, Inc., began working on the development of an exterior stain that actually would not only enhance the beauty of exterior wood but also protect and preserve your wood at an extraordinary level of performance!  

The result of his vision and hard work is what we know today as TWP, Total Wood Protectant (TWP100 Series, TWP200 Series, TWP300 Series, TWP WS Series and TWP Semi-Solid Tint Base) and TWP, Total Wood Preservative (TWP1500 Series), all of which are superb non-film forming*penetrating stains tinted with transparent-oxide pigments for depth of color and transparent in appearance. *TWP300 Series DOES form a film

• Easy to Apply

• Eliminates Surface Oriented Mold and Mildew Growth

• Outperforms Other Leading Brands

• No Film Makes Re-Application Preparation Simple

TWP® began appearing on paint store shelves in 1985 and its reputation for uncompromising quality began building a loyal customer base. In 1987, a small wood coatings manufacturer that manufactured interior wood coatings for not only cabinetry and furniture but also sold its interior products through the Architectural Paint Store channel for the rapidly expanding housing market, Gemini Coatings, Inc., based in El Reno, OK, met Mr. Reckel at a Davis Paint pro-show in Kansas City, MO.

Amteco had the technology and the vision for TWP® but did not have the national sales force infrastructure to increase TWP® presence on paint store shelves. This is where Gemini Industries came into the picture as we were looking to expand our product offering beyond interior wood coatings.

In the fall of 1987, Amteco and Gemini Coatings entered into a licensing agreement and Gemini, after working through all the TWP® registration processes within each state and their manufacturing site, began to manufacture and distribute the brand. Soon the partnership of TWP/Amteco and Gemini went from selling annually approximately 50,000 gallons of TWP to over 300,000 gallons manufactured annually by the turn of the century.

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