200 series

Designed for use on:

  • Wood shakes
  • Wood shingles
  • Log homes
  • Decorative railroad ties

Benefits of using TWP® 200 Series:

  • High solids, low VOC
  • Mold and mildew resistant film
  • Restores woods moisture content
  • Deep penetrating oil formulation
  • Helps prevent warping, cracking & splitting
  • Easy to apply and maintain

TWP® 200 SERIES is a professional strength, easy to apply, deep penetrating wood protectant system which protects wood from water absorption and ultraviolet light.

TWP® 200 SERIES minimizes grain cracking, cupping, curling, warping, surface erosion, water absorption and is resistant to mildew, algae and moss. TWP® 200 SERIES is a high solids, heavy duty formulation which enhances structural integrity, adds lubrication and flexibility while enhancing the natural warmth and beauty of new and aged wood.

TWP® 200 SERIES will not crack, peel or blister making maintenance an easy task to perform for extended wood protection.

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Stain Colors:

TWP® 200 SERIES is available in 8 popular colors and clear. TWP® 200 clear is not intended for color retention and will allow the wood to gray naturally:

TWP® 200 SERIES has a V.O.C. of 100 grams/liter and is available for sale in all 50 states.

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