• Easy to use
  • Quick
  • Convenient
  • Inexpensive

Simple to use. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Shake pen for 20 seconds to ensure that pigment is evenly dispersed for color accuracy.

Step 2: Remove the cap and apply the felt tip to the surface and softly press downward, the tip will retract into the reservoir and absorb the TWP stain.

Step 3: In a conspicuous area, color in whatever size area you need to for color representation.

Step 4: Allow to sit for one minute and gently wipe off excess.

Step 5: Wait two minutes and repeat the process.

Step 6: Allow to dry for one hour and evaluate color.

Now you are ensured that the stain you are applying will match what you apply to the entire surface!

Whether you have; WOOD FENCE, WOOD DECKING, WOOD SIDING or any other exterior wood surface, apply the actual stain for true color representation.

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The Wood Stain Pen is easy to use, quick, convenient and inexpensive. From the makers of TWP, a super EASY liquid sample option that allows YOU to “Try it Before You Buy It.”

Check out our “Wood Stain Pen Application Video.”

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