Real World Success Stories from TWP Customers! 


“I am in the process of stripping old stain and sealers from my log home.  After years of using stains and sealers from big box stores, the pine logs and cedar siding on my log home had turned dark.  I began using Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper and Wood Brightner along with my pressure washer to remove the old stuff.  It is a slow process but the end result really cleans up the wood.  I have stained some of the cedar siding and logs with Cedartone 101 which really look great.  I still have to strip off some of the upper areas which will require renting a lift and I still have to apply the Cedartone 101 stain on the remainder.  I have been doing this on the weekend by myself when I have some time, so it has been a slow process but I am getting there.  Many thanks to TWP Stain for answering my questions and helping me restore my log home to its original beauty.”



“I order a new pavilion for on my patio. I decided to go with Honeytone for the ceiling and the DarkOak for the structure. I think it looks great! The structure is new white pine.”



“Most of my deck is 8+years old and built by previous owners. We have changed aging boards and last year finished the porch around our pool. We were concerned that even though we seasoned the new wood, it would be obvious where new boards were. We pressure washed, sanded, and used TWP Cedartone. I am in love! The color is amazing and the way it stained the new and old boards were both amazing! We love it! “

Stephanie Robinson


“This was a big project, included replacing about half of the old fence and the old deck columns with redwood.  We stripped the old previously stained deck horizontal 2x4s. Then we brightened and cleansed everything, and stained everything with TWP 1500 California Redwood.

We used almost everything featured and recommended on this site: restore-a-deck stain stripper with the additives, wood cleanser, wood brightener, bug juice and the stain. We also had the featured yellow stain sprayer, which we used extensively and used it during both the prep and the staining phase. It was tremendous help next to our power-washer. There is not much of a difference between the old and the new wood in my opinion and the result is spectacular. We got a new upgraded garden. Time for a glass of wine!”



“This is a 10 year old deck and fence and upper deck stained this year. This is the fourth time I purchased your product and did it with your cleaning-products, both steps. Every time. I A Am a 74 yr old woman, painted the deck myself with a brush, then hired out the fence and the upper deck. I buy 2 -5 gallon buckets each time. I love your product.”

Donna Wholwend


“I started my project three years ago – to chemically and mechanically strip SuperDeck Log Home Oil Finish from our log-sided garage and our 3000 sq. ft log home and restore our 1500 sq. ft of redwood deck – completion in August of 2019. Given the square feet, it was an enormous task, made less challenging by breaking it down into manageable projects. The garage is in its third season, the front of the log home in its second, (Honeytone 1500) and they look as good as the day I applied TWP. What a relief! To not have to spend my summers chasing discoloration. Can’t thank-you enough for putting out a superior product!”

John Blenkush

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